Who we work with.

Here are the primary care organizations, research institutes and businesses that help us let people with diabetes make informed daily decisions about managing their condition.

Clinical partners

Astrid Lindgrens Children’s Hospital at Karolinska University Hospital

“The objectives for paediatric diabetes care are tough. We want the children we care for today to be well: to have the energy to play and to go to school where they get grades just as good as their friends who do not have diabetes. We want them to have healthy futures and not suffer from complications to their eyes, kidneys, hearts, nerves or feet.”

Dr. Eva Örtqvist, Chief Physician at the Child Diabetes Unit. Member of the Swedish Children’s Diabetes Foundation.

Karolinska Institutet

“We found that it is clinically worthwhile to use the Triabetes app combined with the TriabetesClinic service to support the patients to improve metabolic control and lower their HbA1c values.”

Professor Kerstin Brismar, Professor of diabetes research at Karolinska Institutet.


“…in recent years the workload implications from diabetes has grown. Patients testify that it has become increasingly difficult to arrange a consultation. I am confident that by patients and healthcare providers using efficient electronic applications and the internet we can achieve substantial progress.”

Professor Per-Olof Berggren, Member of the Rolf Luft Research Centre for Diabetes. Professor of Experimental Endocrinology at Karolinska Institutet. Director of the Diabetes Tools board.


“Our preliminary experience is that it [TriabetesClinic] is a good system. However, it cannot just be given to patients and doctors saying ‘this is it’. We need to rearrange our whole care process in order to embed this online and smartphone system into our practice.”

Dr. Piotr Soszynski, Medical Director of Medicover


“During the consultation, the doctor can evaluate trends covering every factor of diabetes treatment. All the functions mentioned help with better diabetes care and enhance the patient’s trust in the medical provider which results in more effective treatment.”

Jacek Walewski, M.D. PhD., Diabetologist at Medicover’s Jerozolimskie clinic in Warsaw, Poland

Medical University of Warsaw

Business partners


We have a cooperation with MedHelp to offer greater access to specialist medical advice for diabetes patients across the Nordic region.


Our software development partner.

Carbs & Cals

We have an agreement to use the Carbs & Cals food database for diabetes management. It includes thousands of pictures of portion sizes of the most common dishes with nutritional data.


Participants in our clinical study in Poland use ForaCare’s Bluetooth capable FORA Diamond MINI and FORA DUO ultima D40 blood glucose and blood pressure meters.

Precise Biometrics

We work with the supplier of the Tactivo form-fitted mobile smart card reader for tablets and smartphones. Supports SITHS cards in Sweden.

Association memberships

Personal Connected Health Alliance

An international organization of healthcare and technology companies dedicated to creating an ecosystem of interoperable, personal, connected health products and services.


Trade association for the life sciences sector.

Swedish Medtech

The association for medical technology in Sweden.