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“We need a smarter way to work”

That’s what one of our clinical partners said. That’s the problem we use digital health to solve.
And that means we are changing the chronic disease healthcare delivery model.

Change drivers

We see six factors that make today’s way of doing things unsustainable. Let’s use our home market of Sweden as the example.

  1. Chronic disease care accounts for 80-85% of healthcare costs.
  2. Demographic shifts mean fewer taxpayers support the national health service where, in turn, there are fewer healthcare workers.
  3. Type 1 diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases among children and adolescents. Diagnosis rates are rising…
  4. Typically diagnosed early in life, type 1 diabetes patients face life-long medical complications.
  5. Diabetes impacts the entire family with worries, extra planning and even lost income.
  6. Internet penetration is 90% and over 80% of people use a smartphone.
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We are uniquely positioned to make the change happen for childhood diabetes speciality clinics.

All stakeholders in the care ecosystem benefit

Our TriabetesClinic service makes major changes possible:

  • Patients are firmly in the center of their own care.
  • Healthcare providers (HCPs) get productivity gains and decision support tools.
  • Healthcare payers control costs and long-term risks while reaching the long sought after improvement to care outcomes.

Company background

Diabetes Tools Sweden AB is a privately held company incorporated in 2005 and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The team has a solid track record in building several successful businesses, as well as deep insights into and long standing relationships with the clinical and academic world, in addition to extensive experience in the medtech and telecom industries.

We are supported by a mix of private shareholders and privately managed ownership structures. Our majority owner is the Jonas and Christina af Jochnick Foundation who also own:

  • Oriflame Cosmetics SA (publ), a leading beauty company selling direct
  • Medicover SA, a managed care company with 10,000 employees operating 94 medical centers and three hospitals in ten east European countries

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